Boldts 40th Anniversary, will the Hoh summer Kings make it another year?

 On the eve of the Bodlt decisions 40th anniversary the State/Tribal co-managers will sit down and refuse to take decisive action to help the Hoh river kings again.

 The complexity of this issue is overwhelming.  State and federal laws, treaties and fisheries agreements all lock the players into rolls that may insure the destruction of these fish.

 Should this be the legacy of the Bolt decision?  Or can the Hoh Tribe, the department of Fish and Wildlife, and Olympic National Park demonstrate that there is some hope for co-management?

 Will they acknowledge that this is a run of special concern?  Can they agree that increased monitoring of harvest is needed, and enforcement with teeth?

If they can not make any headway it should be a clear signal to all the people of Washington that our entire management system needs a total over haul.

 Preservation of fish first, with MSY in a distant back seat.

Please do these fish a favor, contact the folks listed below, tell them that they need to substantially limit drift netting from June 1 to October 15, and reduce sport mortality by switching to selective gear.

Daily monitoring of both sport and tribal harvest is essential, as is a crackdown on the illegal harvest/sale of these fish.

Make your comments polite, some of these folks really want to help, but they will need public support to take a stand

The treaty tribes should celebrate the anniversary of the Boldt decision as an important victory . But no one should confuse the state of Washington’s wild fish stocks with a success story.  It is all of our responsibility to protect our native fish.

The summer kings of the Hoh, Quinault and Queets all need all the help they can get

The summer kings of the Hoh, Quinault and Queets all need all the help they can get

You can also contact the Native Fish Society, and The Wild Steelhead Coalition to find out what their position is on bolt and its effect on fisheries management.


Jim Kerr

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Weekend update,update, with Jim Kerr


I have a single angler who might like to split this weekend with some one.  So if you would like to split a boat, either or both days, yer in.

If you already have your own friend, that’s ok to.


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This Saturday and Sunday

OOPs just opened up.

Let me know if you want come out to fish.


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A few open dates

YES!  I have a couple days open.  Here they are.  February 7th,23rd  March 1, and 22.  That’s it for now.  I will keep posting cancellations.

I screwed up the pic on Daves first fish of the day, but he got a couple more chances

I screwed up the pic on Daves first fish of the day, but he got a couple more chances

The fishing is fine, slower than last year, but the water is perfect and the rivers are empty of crowds.

Jim Kerr

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I left town and didn’t even tell you.  I feel a little bad.  However I will be returning on 21st and the 23 nd and 24 of January just opened up.  So c’mon we should go fishing.

The fishing when I left was on again off again, with little bunches of hatchery and early native fish wandering around, but nothing steady enough to get the crowds out, which is nice

DSCN1576Jeff, with steelhead.

Here are some pics of hatchery fish, many of you have let me know I am not posting enough.  I will try do a little better.  I have a back log of photo’s I need to get posted


Shad with steelhead

Shad with steelhead

I also have January 30, February 1 and 2,4,7,12 and 26 open, let me know if you can make any of these dates.

Jim Kerr

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Thanks Cliff!

The benefits of a career as a fishing guide may at first seem obvious.  Life on the river, fishing, exercise, clear air, breathtaking scenery, amazing fish, but over the years it has become clear to me that the greatest boon of my profession is getting to know my clients.

So many of you are interesting, interested, dedicated anglers. Many are also masters of their chosen professions.  I have had the pleasure of fishing with luminaries of science, medicine,art, and finance.  I have shared my days on the river with renowned scholars, the architects of tomorrows great minds, legal and political lions.

I can think of no other job that would give a guy like me access to such a group of notables, and I try to reap the rewards when ever possible.

A few years ago I was cast a pearl, when of my more educated clients allowed as how he had determined my “problem”, as it turns out, I am a “fucking philistine”.

This explained a lot.  And I was reminded of it today when I received a wonderful Christmas gift in the mail.

Now remember my philistine brain process things in much the way you would expect.”Fish bite, good.”  or “Why fish no bite?”  Not surprisingly though I suffer from a lack of ability to imagine a need for consumer goods I am unaware of.

Enter Matt Castle, of Cliff fly boxes and his wonderful gift,  the “Days Worth” box.

Thanks Matt, this is an awesome fly box.  And like all your boxes it fills a real need that anglers have.  The guys and gals a Cliff boxes sit around and think up great ideas so that those of us who don’t have the mental facilities to do so aren’t left in need.

Cool boxes, that work the way they are supposed to, durable, functional and made here in the U.S.A.

The U.S.A. part is more important than you might think.  I have been told that many fly boxes are made in Afghanistan, so by buying them you are probably supporting the taliban, and you don’t want to do that.

So next time you are in your local fly shop take a gander at their selection of Cliff boxes, if they don’t seem to have many you might inquire of the proprietor, “Where the fuck are your Cliff boxes?”

Or you could buy a cheap taliban box, but if you do, next time you are standing alone mid stream trying to decide if you should be fishing a #16 or #18 bwo ,don’t be surprised if you hear a drone coming for your ass, and you probably deserve it.

Hatchery fish, yarn poisoning

Hatchery fish, yarn poisoning


Fishing is still a bit tough, with bright spots here and there.

Jim Kerr

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Steelhead Yo

Its actually quite surprising that I haven’t used that post title before.

Yes, steelhead.  Steelhead in the rain, snow, wind, sun,fog, low water,clear water, dirty water, its steelhead season yo.

The winter hatchery numbers have been bad, which is good for no one… except fishing guides.  Low fish numbers mean very few people out on the river, which means all the best spots for me, which it turns out means pretty good fishing in the end.

There is Stew with a steelhead, see, right there, I'm pointing at him.

There is Stew with a steelhead, see, right there, I’m pointing at him.

This little shot of rain is a good deal, it should help a few fish sneak up river.  I wouldn’t mind a big push of water, but I think we will have to wait a bit for that.

Merry Christmas

Jim Kerr

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