Most of my steelhead trips on the Olympic Peninsula are geared to anglers whose goals are to learn about steelhead fly fishing and catch steelhead. We utilize lots of different techniques,  indicator nymphing, stripping flies, and  swinging flies with both one and two-handed rods. 

Most days I plan on spending two thirds of the day nymphing from the boat and then get out and pound some REALLY good swing water. By mixing it up this way most people hook some steelhead as well as tune up on several different presentations.

All I want to do is Swing (all year)

If this is you, I can help, I'll be glad to help you sharpen up your Spey casting and most importantly your presentation skills. Be warned, I am not really into standing around in a run because it "feels good" or "swings nice" I push to create casts and presentations in spots that consistently produce fish. Sure some spots will fish relatively easily, others may challenge your casting and line control skills. The goal here is not just to spend the day swinging, but also to catch steelhead while we are at it.

Walk in trips for Spey fishermen (all year)

All the best spey fishing water on the Olympic Peninsula is pretty easy to walk into and really hard to find. If you are a Spey caster who wants to know some hike in spots that WILL produce steelhead to the long rod, I can help. I will show you trails that I cut, then hid, that will take you to the places you want to be...first. 

Now guy's here is the disclaimer; expect tough walks, difficult wading and long tricky casts with limited casting room. I do not pick water because it swings well or looks pretty; I pick water that puts out big steelhead to the swing. Bring lots of bugs; you're going to lose them.